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10 Cloverfield Lane

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29 Apr, 2016 1 hr 44 mins A
John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr., Bradley Cooper
Winstead's performance is also amazing, evoking both empathy and intensity with equal ease. Don’t miss this gem of a thriller.

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Story: A young woman has a car accident as she is driving through the countryside. She survives, but is injured. She is then abducted by a man and held captive in an underground shelter. He tells her that she isn't a prisoner, but he's only protecting her from a doomsday situation that has wiped out the human race.

Review: Have a look at the production credits of this film. You'll spot the name J. J. Abrams. An extremely astute and intelligent director who has a penchant for both mega-buck blockbusters (Star Trek, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mission: Impossible III) as well as flicks with relatively smaller budgets (Super 8, co-produced by Steven Spielberg) but still pack a hefty punch in terms of cerebral cool. Combined with Trachtenberg, who helms this one, they've created a film that is delightfully unpredictable and extremely original.

And that's where 10 Cloverfield Lane comes in. Michelle (Winstead) is held captive by Howard Stambler (Goodman, in a role you've probably never seen him play before) and the only company she has is fellow captive Emmett (Gallagher). Their underground shelter is stocked up with enough food and supplies for the foreseeable future. Michelle is initially hostile, but some good company in the form of Emmett (also wounded, although it is not known how or why, initially) does help and Michelle does veer towards developing Stockholm syndrome towards Howard. But only just.

As Emmett and Michelle learn to adapt to their subterranean life without getting homesick or the blues, they stumble upon something that should have ideally been left undiscovered. Is Howard really a psychotic, deranged bad guy or is he just a lonely old fellow in desperate need of some company, while god only knows what has blighted Earth. Howard is brilliant in the sense that he manages to make both Michelle as well as the viewer guess what his motives are.

The camerawork perfectly captures their closed surroundings, with tight angles, thereby accentuating dramatic tension. Winstead's performance is also amazing, evoking both empathy and intensity with equal ease. Don't miss this gem of a thriller.
Avg Users’ Rating 3.6/5 ( 86 users )
Debanshu Roy
goodman plays an interesting character of a physcopath, who thinks by kidnapping a male and female character could begin life inside his bunker.. somehow it seemed very interesting by watching a family with goodman playing the captain of the ship..but then all hell breaks loose in the end with some stupid snake like aleins lurking around in the open fields probably scouting for human life forms..
Jatin Dua
Not worth watching.
Bibin Solomon
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