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04 Mar, 2016 2 hrs 25 mins A
John Krasinski, Pablo Schreiber, Davin Denman, Dominic Fumusa, Max Martini, Alexia Barlier, David Costabile, Matt Letscher, Toby Stephens

While this film is unabashedly patriotic (you will inevitably be reminded of American Sniper and Lone Survivor), what works here is Bay’s sense of restraint.


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Story: Libya, after the death of Muammar Gadaffi, is a lawless land, to put it mildly. The embassies of various countries have shut shop and moved out. But in Benghazi, the US embassy and a CIA outpost that officially does not exist, continues to remain and function. It is up to a group of tough mercenaries to save the US Ambassador and organize a secure extraction after various militant groups attack these facilities.

Review: First off - and keeping the various Transformers movies in mind - this doesn't seem like a movie that Michael Bay would have directed. But the minute the explosions and gunfire commences, you will know that yes, this is indeed his film. He is after all, a pro at making things blow up in style.

Jack (Krasinski), Rone (Dale), Tanto (Schreiber), Oz (Martini), Glen (Stephens), and Tig (Fumusa) all have military backgrounds and know their way with various weapons. In Benghazi though, they face danger at almost every turn. And it's not just from the enemy; even the resident CIA chief (Costabile) treats them like a burden he has to bear with. But when the American diplomatic outpost is attacked, it's only these tough warriors who can save the day and hopefully, keep the Ambassador from harm as well.

While this film is unabashedly patriotic (you will inevitably be reminded of American Sniper and Lone Survivor), what works here is Bay's sense of restraint. The fighting men are not portrayed as emotionless robots who spit hellfire and bullets, but as men who have left families behind and are ready to put life and limb on the line to monetarily support those very same families they've left, perhaps never to return.

But the film's biggest draw is the action scenes. The fire fights are bloody and will get you right in the gut. No effort is spared in depicting the realities of a prolonged gun battle spread out over 13 sleepless, exhausting hours. The cinematography puts you right in the centre of the melee. Make no mistake about it. This is an immersive and visceral film.

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Brahmdeo Singh
This is story of some Americans trapped in American Embassy in Lybia. Due to delay in leaving the war torn country, several people got entrapped in the embassy and the American Ambassador also got killed in the process of establishing peace. The film is well built and keeps the audience spellbound till the rescue drama was over. A good action film.
SN Kannan
One of the most boringest movies which is also totally confusing. All that it has is a lot of bang-bang and shootings and so called army action, with some vague story to say. Either the real life story is really not so interesting - or the film makers have made it so boring that you wish it will end soon enough - if you have not switched off the DVD already.
Pavan Kumar
I like this movie a lot, since it was a original story that director tried to bring it up to us in BIG screens.. amazing effort from the director, the action sequences are truly amazing and every character have given their best in the roles. looking forward for real time stories from the director.

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