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Arjun Reddy

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24 Aug, 2017 3 hrs 07 mins A
Vijay Deverakonda, Madhu Shalini, Kamal Kamaraju, Gopinath Bhat

‘Arjun Reddy’ is the dawn of a new era of films for the Telugu film industry


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Arjun Reddy Story: A brilliant medico who’s the topper of his class has anger management issues. What happens when he loses control of his life due to an unforeseen incident? Does he get a chance at redemption?

Arjun Reddy Review: Arjun Reddy (Vijay Deverakonda) is a vintage Bullet-riding, football-playing, angry, young final year medico who believes his actions are always justified. Preeti (Shalini Pandey), a first year student, walks into his life and it is love at first sight for the protagonist. She is a stark contrast to everything he is and at first, it seems like he bullies her into spending time with him. But time passes, love blossoms, passion roars, and nowhere does his fire lessen.

But things change; circumstances force Arjun away from his love and he seems to hit rock bottom with a force that’s surprising, yet expected. He turns into a modern day Devadas, complete with a dog by his side. From a brilliant young man whose only issue was his anger, he turns into a raging alcoholic who smokes pot during his downtime and does coke whenever it gets too much. Despite all this, he continues to practice as a surgeon at a hospital till life threatens to throw him on his back again.

There’s one dialogue in the movie that perfectly sums up the character of Arjun Reddy. Priyadarshi, who plays a cameo in the film, calls Arjun a ‘free spirited individual in a democratic world’. There’s nothing more apt than that to describe a character that you would both love and fear if you met him in real life. With ‘Arjun Reddy’, Sandeep Vanga has managed to tell a story that is seldom told, without sleaze or cheesy lines or OTT drama.

The protagonists of this film refreshingly refuse to confirm. All things scandalous to the world become but a way of life for Arjun. He questions the righteous middle class morality that society keeps throwing at his face, and lives his life without giving a damn. Even while turning to drugs, alcohol and casual sex, there’s an I-don’t-give-an-eff attitude about Arjun. For him, these are just means to an end -- an escape from his heartache. The writing is so real, the acting so raw that you forget Arjun Reddy is a character played by Vijay Deverakonda. You feel this the most when in a key scene before the interval you face a heartbroken Arjun Reddy and realise you too are left with a broken heart and lump in your throat as well. After a light-hearted film like ‘Pelli Choopulu’, Vijay Deverakonda has proven he’s more than just a pretty face, by carrying off a character as complex as this.

Preeti, on the other hand, starts out as a timid student you believe is being bullied and transforms into a woman who’s right in her convictions and strong enough to stand by them.

While Vijay Deverakonda is hands down the star of the show, and Preeti manages to come a close second, it is the character of Arjun’s friend Shiva (Rahul) that deserves a special mention. He manages to be the sunshine in a world that keeps getting darker for Arjun. Kanchana who plays his grandmother in the film pulled off the role with beautiful ease too.

The dialogues, characters, instances in the film are so raw and realistic, one almost does not mind the long run time that drags in the second half. What also deserve a special mention are the beautiful songs, with music director Radhan doing a brilliant job of them. ‘Arjun Reddy’ is simply put, the dawn of a new era of films for the Telugu film industry.
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vinutha shaker
Unfortunately got to watch in movie in amazon prime movies, thought it is safe bet since it had good reviews from times!<br/>Really not sure how actions of the protagonist is acceptable, I understand love at first sight, most of the time I felt he only bullies her. Final nail on the coffin was when he goes ahead and has a scandalous life, where as the female protagonist had to tell the angry young man &quot;I never let that guys even small finger to touch me !&quot;<br/>What are they really try to convey to younger generation, that it is fine to stalk a girl, bully her to do things what you want to do :)<br/>Only sensible guy in the entire movie was protagonist friend! <br/> I repent I wasted my 3 hours of Sunday!
mohan babu
There are many movies in my life that made me laugh, cry ... some of them remained in my heart..but this is the first time a movie has touched my soul. yaa I''m in a hangover after watching Arjun Reddy..! ...generally it''s an accepted fact that u speak the truth when you are drunk...! <br/> It is one of the purest movies with a realistic narration.A crystal clear in storytelling where every scene is directed so naturally and honest without hypocrisy.By Maintaining the integrity of the Protagonist character impeccable, it doesn''t leave any chance to question his character.<br/>Arjun Reddy is a new dimension in direction style, by breaking stereotypes of the present Tollywood movie model it satisfies the prerequisite of a cult film. Major characters played in the movie are closer to reality and the way they enacted them deserves not just hats off but an ovation. Directing raw scenes and making sure it''s not vulgar at the same time, that Balance is an ability of a visionary director who has clarity in his subject.<br/>For those who think it''s just directed naturally...!!! Take the same plot and I bet on it. Any other director couldn''t have even come near to the Quality.<br/>Directing a movie naturally by drawing from a plot that is so intense is not so natural. Because... the story is very simple..when u narrate this story to a friend ... it wouldn''t be a great story..but when you narrate the script as it is ...we can see a big difference. <br/>The story has no side tracks, it just follows the main lead thru out. <br/>Basically, the storyline is very simple. It just flows thru time. And how the hero reacts to every single situation represents his hard-hitting nature towards life. Eventually, it''s his integrity in his character that saves him and finally united the lovers.<br/>Arjun'' character is designed in a very intense manner... he is extreme in every emotion. Anger, hate, love or commitment, He goes cold turkey and regrets for nothing.<br/>Any scene in the movie is like a rip off from a real life, Employing a black comedy genre in an intense love story is a mind-boggling act.<br/>Coming back to balance, every scene is so balanced, the director made sure that nothing looks like a cinematic expression. Nothing over nothing less, without giving much importance to sentiments, he made a statement that sentiment is everything.<br/>Whether it''s nostalgia when leaving college or the grandmother passing away.. whether it''s Kamal meeting Arjun in Europe or leaving Preethi at the bus stand. Everything is a sentiment but Sandeep Reddy''s effort in manipulating the scene in favour of Arjun is brilliantly pictured.<br/>The side characters are never a ''chamcha'' type to glorify the hero ... that itself shows the purity of the protagonist Character which doesn''t shake off, even sometimes when they show contempt towards him.<br/>Ultimate Twist: From the beginning, he portrayed Arjun as a womaniser and he staged him as an arrogant young chap without even him committing the very sin. I''m sure that for many it''s hard to believe that Arjun had never committed any sexual act ( apart from Preethi )But that''s the truth, That portraying of character is no less than the work of a genius. This is the Ultimate twist not the ending scene with Preethi.<br/>Sandeep''s imagination skills are simply brilliant, Without any item songs, belly dances, skin show offs ..he proved ..that is not what audience really like.<br/>Every scene has the potential to glorify and boost. Whether it''s a fighting scene or a dialogue. Whether it''s scenery in Europe or his bullet ride.. every song and character he could have used more but he didn''t, at the same time he showed that all of them have a potential.<br/>People always admire genius. They don''t have to prove it. Once they are edified, they don''t have to do anything special.<br/>Vijay''s effortless acting skills created a new smoking style that Rajini''s fans envy, His mannerism challenges Pawan Kalyan''s unique style.<br/>His looks and walking style are so impressive, he doesn''t need to act, his very presence is enough to grab the attention of new generation girls (soon may forget Mahesh Babu) <br/>Nowadays we find cute and sweet voices of Heroes trying to echo as powerful heroes.But Vijay''s macho man voice itself is a boon for him, so powerful that he doesn''t need Sound technicians to enhance it.<br/>Finally, it''s a movie that stays with u forever in your memories and also on top of your favourite movies list.<br/>Uff..here is a lot more to say, probably I should come up with a book
arju reddy movie full save <br/>
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