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13 Jun, 2014 1 hr 45 mins U
Ajinkya Deo, Shilpa Tulaskar, Sunil Barve, Kiran Karmarkar
The build up is such that it can put many popular films in this genre to shame. The director has played with the viewers mind with flawless ease and he succeeds in evoking a gasp from them.

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Plot: A hugely successful businessman decides to celebrate his birthday with his family for a change. But many unknown things start surfacing when he reaches the house .

Review: Successful, rich and a stickler for time, Shrikant Deshmukh (Ajinkya Deo) is the perfect and shrewd businessman who loves his work more than anything else. His family is taken by surprise when he decides to spend his birthday with them. More than happiness, it is the fear of his wrath that concerns the family. And the fear turns into reality when they come together.

He shouts and gets angry at everyone when nothing happens according to his wish and it doesn't take time for everyone to get terrorized by his behaviour. Enter Ravikant (Sunil Barve), Shrikant's younger brother who everybody loves and who loves Shrikant's wife Janaki (Shilpa Tulaskar). Things start working up when Shilpa is hesitant to spend the night in Shrikant's room and even decides to leave everything behind and walk out the next morning. But it is the unannounced visit of Shrikant's college friend Shantanu (Kiran Karmarkar) that changes equations in the family and turns everything around.

Straight up, the film is fantastic. While Ajinkya Deo repeats his stellar act like in 'Sau Shashi Deodhar', the other actors including Kiran Karmarkar, Shilpa Tulaskar, Sunil Barve, Shashank Shende and Smita Talvalkar are brilliant in their roles as well. Newcomers Saieel Shelar and Sameer Paranjpe show potential and so does Tanvie Kishore.

But the real winner that provides the masterstroke in the film is the story. The build up is such that it can put many popular films in this genre to shame. The director has played with the viewers mind with flawless ease and he succeeds in evoking a gasp from them. There are times when you think you will know the reason behind Janaki's weird behaviour and Ravikant's monetary needs but everytime you come close to knowing the truth, there is interruption from unexpected corners. And just when you think nothing's going to happen, the director throws a bomb at the completely unsuspecting viewers.

Taking it's name from the children's game 'bhatukali', this one plays games with the young and old alike. Do not miss it if you love a good suspense.
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Pradeep Borse
touched my soul
Arun Dalvi
काल youtube वर हा चित्रपट पाहिला आणि मनाला जाम भिडला. दिग्दर्शका पासून प्रत्येकाच्या अभिनयापर्यंत प्रत्येक बाबतीत हा चित्रपट उजवा आहे असं मला वाटतं. <br/>चित्रपटाचा शेवट अचानक एक वेगळंच वळण घेतो आणि चित्रपटाबाबतच आपलं मत गररकन बदलत. मला मुद्दामहून इथे ज्वेलथीप या देवानंद च्या चित्रपटाची आठवण आली. त्यात पण चित्रपटाच्या शेवटी अनेक गोष्टींचे संदर्भ लक्षात येतात तसंच काही तरी.<br/>मला खास करून अजिंक्य च्या अभिनयाला दाद द्यावीशी वाटते. इतका संयत अभिनय त्याने या चित्रपटात केलाय. किरणचा अमेरिकन अत्रे पण भावला तसाच बर्वे शिल्पा सगळ्यांचा अभिनय. हो स्मिता तळवलकर यांचा आईच्या बाबतीतला वा शिल्पाचा नात्यांमधील कोरडेपणा चं कोडं नंतर लक्षात येत. <br/>एकंदरीत सर्व बाजूंनी भक्कम असणारा चित्रपट बऱ्याच दिवसांनी पहाण्यात आला. म्हणून लिहावंसं वाटलं.<br/>आयुष्यात पहिल्यांदाच चित्रपटाविषयी लिहितोय. त्यामुळे काही उणीव असल्यास समजून घ्यावं.<br/>सगळ्यांचं मनपुर्वक अभिनंदन.<br/>आपला <br/>अरुण दळवी<br/>डोंबिवली
Mauli Agarwal
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