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19 Aug, 2016 1 hr 42 mins U/A
Kishor Kadam, Milind Shinde, Ganesh Yadav, Pradeep Velankar, Digvijay Rohidas, Dinesh Lata Shetty, Tirrtha Murbadkar
It’s high time that more films like these be made in Marathi. 'Chaurya' is not your typical feel-good film but it does make you think hard about blind faith.

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The first frame of a film speaks a thousand words. It tells you a lot about what to expect through the running time. In 'Chaurya's case, it tells you to expect a lot and fortunately, you get what you expect too.

Though the disclaimers talks of it being a fictitious story, it's quite easy to connect the dots. 'Chaurya' is based in a town that prides itself in being one with no doors; the belief being that the presiding deity of the town guards its residents. This belief goes for a toss when the temple's donation money itself gets stolen. A mission to nab the thieves is launched but the fact that the culprits were dressed as policemen and had masks on, makes the task difficult. On the outskirts of the town, another plot is unfolding, albeit a confusing one. Four people (two of whom are believed to be involved in the theft) are embroiled in a heated argument over who has the money. So who really has the stolen wealth?

'Chaurya' follows an interesting style of storytelling. It builds up suspense, presents two sides of a coin in each character's case and leaves it up to the viewer to decide which side to believe. It sets the stage for a perfect whodunit plot. Some parts of the film remind one of 'Reservoir Dogs'.

Sameer Asha Patil's debut directorial is a gripping film. It keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the part. In the second half, the film falters with an unnecessary item song but bounces back soon. Once the mystery is solved, the director puts in a hard-hitting message about how religion and beliefs have been exploited by people to be turned into profit-making businesses. Girish Kulkarni's 'Deool' had focused entirely on this aspect and Chaurya reiterates the same.

It's high time that more films like these be made in Marathi. 'Chaurya' is not your typical feel-good film but it does make you think hard about blind faith.
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Sunil Raj
take it as entertaining story nothing more
Samat Reddy
Sameer Deshmukh
*चौर्य-*<br/>चौर्य मराठी च्या कक्षा रुंदावणारा चित्रपट आहे असेच मी म्हणेल, संगीत, अभिनय, दिग्दर्शन, फोटोग्राफी, संकलन अशा सर्वच आघाड्यांवर चित्रपट उजवा ठरतो... यावर कळस म्हणजे चित्रपटाचा वेगळा विषय आणि तितक्याच वेगळ्या धाटणीची मांडणी. या विषयावर चित्रपट काढण्याचे साहस केल्याबद्दल निर्माते श्री नवलाखा यांचे अभिनंदन करावे लागेल आणि हा विषय ताकदीने हाताळल्याबद्दल समीर आशा पाटील यांच्या दिग्दर्शनाचे कौतुक करावेसे वाटते. चित्रपटाची कथा-पटकथा मजबूत बांधल्याने चित्रपटाची पकड अखेरपर्यंत राहते. चित्रपटाचा आत्मा आहे ते याचे धक्कातंत्र... चित्रपट पहाताना एकामागे एक धक्के असे काही बसतात कि आपण काही आडाखे बांधण्यापूर्वीच अजून एक धक्का बसतो आणि आपले आडाखे मोडतो. सर्वच कलाकारांनी अभिनय चांगला केला आहे पण मिलिंद शिंदेंच्या डोळ्यातून व्यक्त होणाऱ्या भावना अप्रतिम आहेत.<br/>मराठी चित्रपट प्रगल्भ होतोय, आपल्या कक्षा मोठ्या करतोय, विषय आणि तंत्र या दोन्ही बाबतीत आपली प्रगल्भता किती वाढली आहे याचं मूर्तिमंत उदाहरण म्हणजे &quot;चौर्य&quot;... हे चौर्य एकदा अवश्य अनुभवावे असेच आहे.<br/>-समीर देशमुख, नाशिक
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