3 5 6
(U) 15 Feb, 2013 Out Of Theatre
Soham Chakraborty, Pooja Bose, Rajatava Dutta
Raja Chanda
02 hours 30 minutes
An engineer by profession, Aditya alias Adi loses his job due to recession. He starts earning a living as a car mechanic. Daughter of a rich man, Sweety, is a spoilt brat. She is stubborn and arrogant. Nobody dares to mess with her as she makes it a point to settle score with anyone who rubs her the wrong way. An affair with Aditya transforms her into a different person altogether. But will the sailing be as smooth as it seems?
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Critic Rating 3
Critic Review:
Adi meets Sweety. They instantly take a dislike for each other. Adi gets the better of her every once in a while, but she retaliates with a stronger response. Adi's father Haradhan is a clerk with a real estate firm run by Sweety's dad, Shantimoy Ray. Adi and Sweety keep fighting now and then, till one day they realize they are in love. Soon their happiness meets the villain of the story - who else, but the girl's father. After all, who would want his daughter married off into a family which is no match for her in terms of social status! Shantimoy tries to be...
Avg. User Rating 2.8
Mauli Agarwal
30 Mar, 2016 03:50 PM 2.5
Rupai Bhadra
30 Apr, 2015 10:03 PM 2.5
not good but funny, full of drama
Kush happy
17 Apr, 2014 02:31 PM 2.5
he film is expected to do well with those who love rom-coms, sprinkled with some action. L... more
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