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(U) 06 Sep, 2013 Out Of Theatre
Neenasam Sathish, Shruthi Hariharan, Achyuth Kuma Hardhika Shetty, Balaji Manohar, Sanjay, Aryan
Pawan Kumar
02 hours 18 minutes

Full marks to director Pawan Kumar for giving an offbeat movie with an excellent script and firm grip over the narration. But the movie lags, creating confusion and at many times, we do not know what the director wants to say. Though technically it is a brilliant movie, Lucia doesn't cater to audiences who look for entertainment. Perhaps, it is an unconventional movie where Pawan could think of trimming the story by at least 15 minutes to avoid audiences losing their patience in the climax.

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Critic Rating 3
Critic Review:

The story revolves around hero Nikki alias Nikhil who works in a talkies owned by Shankaranna (Achyuth Kumar). Facing trouble with insomnia, he gets addicted to Lucia, a pill that not only helps you get sound sleep, but also makes you dream what you cant fulfill in real life. In the dream, Nikki is a popular actor. He falls in love with Shwetha (Shruthi Hariharan) who works in a pizza shop. In another track, we have a police team trying to track a drug mafia. After watching the movie, one gets the impression that it is either a remake of an English movie or the director ...

Avg. User Rating 3.9
Mauli Agarwal
22 Mar, 2016 03:36 PM 3
Godfather Senior
16 Sep, 2015 02:25 PM 3.5
This is a good movie. After two years, I am giving my rating and review for a specific poi... more
vinay enjoy
22 Aug, 2014 11:06 PM 5
Outstanding movie, one the best movie ever watched. The twist and turns are awesome.
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