Mokla Shwas

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(U) 07 Dec, 2012 Out Of Theatre
Sharad Ponkshe, Sushant Shelar, Pratiksha Lonkar, Mrunmayi Deshpande, Mohan Joshi, Neha Gadre, Aishwarya Tupe, Jyoti Subhash
Kanchan Adhikari
02 hours 20 minutes
Drama | Social

'Mokla Shwas' addresses the most sensitive issue of present society - 'Female Foeticide'. Eknath Jagtap ( Sharad Ponkshe) desperately wants a son to carry forward his name but unfortunately his wife Savitri (Prateeksha Lonkar) bore 3 girls Kusum, Anju and Meena. Eknath is frustrated with the situation and takes out his anger on his family as and when possible. As the story moves ahead, Eknath and the girls take certain stand against the situation which leads to conflict between father and daughters. How these characters find their solution, is the movie is all about.

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Critic Rating 2
Critic Review:

The concept is powerful but while representing it on the screen, it lacks the compact scripting. The movie becomes more repetitive and lengthy. Also, the movie ends abruptly. Cinematography could have been much better. There are scenes where camera clarity is not up to the mark. Though the movie is nothing exceptional, the entire cast has given 100% to their roles. Sharad Ponkshe's 'Eknath' has gotten the loud tone of the character superbly. Actresses Jyoti Subhash and Prateeksha Lonkar suit their part. From the younger lot, Mrunmayee, Neha and Aishwarya have...

Avg. User Rating 2.7
Mauli Agarwal
29 Apr, 2016 10:20 AM 3.5
Chandra Prakash Verma
21 Jun, 2015 11:45 PM 3
Vishal D.Patil
02 Jun, 2014 04:27 PM 1.5
best movie give the true seens of family
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