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25 Dec, 2014 1 hr 48 mins U/A
Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Gallagher
This fairly entertaining kiddie comedy is full of funny little asides and exchanges that keep the pace going. Fun viewing for the holidays.

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Story : During a special event at the Museum of Natural History, the 'living' exhibits start to act very strangely. This is because of a curse contained within an ancient Egyptian tablet housed in the museum. Larry (Stiller) needs to find out how to get to the source of the tablet's magic in order to get things right again.

Review : It's a big night that Larry has planned out, with some of his favourite exhibits like Theodore Roosevelt (Williams), Attila the Hun (Gallagher), the Tyrannosaurus skeleton Rexy and of course, Dexter the Capuchin monkey all prepped up to put on a dazzling display for an evening spectacular - the re-opening of a part of the museum. With many high-profile guests in attendance, including museum curator Dr McPhee (Gervais), we are also introduced to a new character, the Neanderthal Laaa (Stiller in a double role) who thinks Larry is his 'dada' when he first sees him.

On the night of the event, all goes according according to plan for a while but strange things suddenly happen thanks to the tablet of Ahkmenrah's (stored far away in its own room) power. The exhibits go temporarily insane and the guests flee in fright. Soon after, Larry admonishes the forlorn exhibit gang, who can't quite understand what came over them. Figuring out that it was the tablet's influence, Larry finds out the story about this mysterious artifact. The tablet's (it was made as a symbol pf protection) magic is diminishing, apparently and if it continues, every exhibit will turn to wax and it's game over for everyone. So, Larry, along with his exhibit buddies including the hilarious mini-sized duo of Jedediah (Wilson) and Octavius (Coogan) , head to the British museum where they get to the source of the tablet's power and mystery.

This fairly entertaining kiddie comedy is full of funny little asides and exchanges that keep the pace going. And of special note, is Robin Williams' heartwarming performance, tinged with the kind of jocularity and poignancy that only he could pull off. Fun viewing for the holidays.
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Mauli Agarwal
nice movie
Mauli Agarwal
Divine Light
First off - and keeping the various Transformers movies in mind - this doesn't seem like a movie that Michael Bay would have directed. But the minute the explosions and gunfire commences, you will know that yes, this is indeed his film. He is after all, a pro at making things blow up in style.

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