15 Sep, 2017 2 hrs 04 mins U/A
Kangana Ranaut, Sohum Shah, Rupinder Nagra, Catherine Dyer
The nice thing about Simran is that it ventures into an area where the heroine has no qualms about being a badass.

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Kangana shines but Simran falters

Simran Story: Praful Patel (Kangana) is a 30-year-old divorcee living in Georgia with her middle-class parents. A housekeeper by profession, she gets drawn to a life of crime after her tryst with gambling at a Las Vegas casino. One bad turn leads to several more and before you know it, Praful is in a sordid mess.

Simran Review: The nice thing about Simran is that it ventures into an area where the Bollywood heroine offers no defence for being a badass. The protagonist, a woman with an undaunted spirit, lives and loves by her own set of rules. She refuses to have 'sex without protection' and is constantly up for adventure. She doesn't think twice about slipping into a life of crime just to support her `character flaws'. So far so good.

Besides the premise, everything else about the film is improbable. The writing falters in parts and naturally the execution follows. The way Praful goes about robbing banks and gets away scot-free, even after leaving her finger prints all over and notes scribbled with lipstick seems unbelievable. The media brands her the 'lipstick bandit', and the Atlanta cops and the victimised bank employees seem like a bunch of jokers, who keep harping on the fearless bandit's modus operandi, and yet, they fail to foil the half-a-dozen heists! It is almost like Hansal Mehta is attempting a comic story. Nothing wrong there, but if is a tale that is being recounted in lighter vein, then it should have at least made the audience laugh some more.

The only one who is having a good time here is Kangana. Whether she's docile or daring, the actress goes about her screen business with a flourish; getting her mannerisms pat. However, there are occasions when even she gets carried away with the constant focus. But then again, is she really to be blamed? The filmmaker doesn't even have another noteworthy star on celluloid to share the limelight. Simran's parents and her fiancee, Sameer (Sohum) and other actors--foreign and desi--don't quite add up.

Frankly, you can't emotionally invest in Simran or root for her as much as you might want to. But when you watch the film, you will find yourself warming up to her occasionally, because she's all you've got. Let's give Kangana her due.
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G Kumaran
Biswajit Tripathy
Ever since DDLJ released sometime in end&rsquo;1995, the name Simran has been synonymous with a woman who wants to be unconventional, a woman who wants to break free &amp; live blissfully. &ldquo;Ja Simran Ja&rdquo; has been the most preferred word for girls who want to be freed from the social disgrace. Those who know Kangana will agree to me that she is one among those Simran in the scintillating showbiz; daring, impenitent and sizzling.<br/>Simran or Praful Patel is the real narrative of a Punjabi girl from US Sandeep Kaur who robbed several banks of US over a period of two months. She was rechristened as &ldquo;Bombshell Bandit&rdquo; by FBI. She used to surf YouTube videos to find inimitable ways to rob banks. Her modus operandi was very simple. She used to walk in to the bank, pass on a hastily written note that read; &ldquo;TICK TOCK. I HAVE A BOMB.&rdquo; Currently she is serving her jail terms in the Iron County Jail in Cedar City, Utah while selling the rights of the movie for $50,000.<br/>The movie has been a little twisted to hold on to Indian sentiments. Praful Patel is a 30 something divorcee living in Atlanta who is leading a very complex life. Her character has been so well defined and written &ndash; a divorcee, job, complicated family life, and over everything else, she is ambitious. She has her own imperfections and admits to them too. She is weird &amp; has been trying her best to make her life perfect but in vein. Simran is not the Queen you saw in 2014, she is neither the Manu you saw in 2015, she is one woman who wants to live life in her own terms without being nagged for marriage or other trivial things.<br/>The best thing about Simran is that Kangana is endearing as the lively Praful, has no guilty conscience about drinking and walking down to a man in the bar and starting up picky lines like &lsquo;Are you tired? Because you are running in my mind&rsquo; or telling off impending bed partners off with &lsquo;You are a cute guy, but not a decent guy. No protection, no sex, my friend.&rsquo; She lives life in her own terms and rules. She jumps into any kind of escapade without thinking of the consequences.<br/>Since last few years, various directors have churned out women oriented movies like Pink, Mardani, Akira, Parched, Noor, Anarkali of Arrah, Indu Sarkar, and now it is Simran from Hanslal Mehta. Even though there is no supporting star cast to give her a stand, Kangana makes us watch her; with her plain stark face, she comes across as a genuine, solid woman; someone you can identify with. The movie might not have been a runaway success but Kangana shines all the way through.<br/>biswajittripathy.wordpress.com/2017/09/22/296/
Seaman Rish
Total waste on all fronts
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