14 times Katrina Kaif was our favourite queen of sass!

Varsha Balakrishnan July 14, 2017, 11:44am
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Katrina fans forever!

Katrina fans forever
Katrina Kaif is our style queen and undoubtedly, one of the most popular celebrities in Bollywood. She has a gazillion followers on Instagram and surely, there’s a reason why her fans follow her. She has worked hard to get where she is today and not to forget, Katrina added some nice little doses of sassiness in her daily mantra! Here are some of the best things to be ever spoken by the ‘Queen of Kat(tiness)’ Katrina Kaif!
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Fashion queen? Not me!

Fashion queen Not me
Katrina is obviously not a person who believes being dressed from the cheek to the toe every time she steps out. Detailing about her choice to be 'normal' she once replied:

" It's my job to look presentable but that doesn't mean I have to make a fashion statement every time I walk out the house."
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Ranbir and his super stardom!

Ranbir and his super stardom
When Ranbir tried to mansplain Katrina during a recent interview, she looked very much annoyed. Turning the tables on the other side, Katrina sarcastically talked of Ranbir's superstar quality:

"Before, he used to come to the sets thinking we are in this together. Now he comes on the sets to teach me and we just need to understand that we are in his great presence."
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Not anybody in my match!

Not anybody in my match
Katrina was once asked about her contemporaries when she replied cheekily:
"Priety Zinta is the most secure actress in Bollywood."
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On her eqaution with Deepika

On her eqaution with Deepika
Taking her level of sass to the top level, when Karan asked her about her eqaution with Deepika Padukone, Katrina replied she was "very good friends" with Deepika. Ouch!
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Bye Bye, Bollywood!

Bye Bye Bollywood
When the critics complained about 'too much' Katrina factor in Namastey London,she said she was unaffected and had the best response:

“I am packing my bags and I’m going to find a new career.”
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On Ranbir and Deepika bonding during Tamasha

On Ranbir and Deepika bonding during Tamasha
Katrina was clearly not a fan of Ranbir and Deepika working together in Tamasha and had this response to say:

" I can’t enforce my will on the people in my life. Their choices are their own. I may not be happy with them but I hope that as they mature or evolve, their choices will change."
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The no film with Ranbir clause!

The no film with Ranbir clause
Both exes had a not so much fun time working together in Jagga Jasoos but once and for all, she cleared the air when she said:

“It’s very difficult. People now have proof that he is a very trying and testing person. Ranbir has also gestured [to me] to not work on a film together. It will never happen again."
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Goofing around

Goofing around
She had the best tongue in cheek reply when asked about her relationship status:

"I believe I am single till I marry!"
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A win-win situation?

A win win situation
When pegged once again about her plans to marry, she simply said, "As I was presuming what question you were going to ask me and you did ask me, I was thinking I would come up with a very good answer for this. I will get married once I win the National Award."
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No Hollywood for me!

No Hollywood for me
Unlike her contemporaries, Katrina said she had no plans to dazzle Hollywood and would very much like to be in Mumbai with this answer:

"I have realized it recently that my competition is becoming really less as everyone is going to Hollywood. So, now is the time for me to sit here and by default get the roles which will become more available. I think now is the time to capitalize on the good characters."
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Anything for a Yash Chopra film!

Anything for a Yash Chopra film
"Would have turned a 'clown' for Yash Chopra"
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When asked about ex-beau Salman Khan being hailed the Olympics brand ambassador, she cheekily replied:

"What is new with Salman Khan being entangled in a controversy?"
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Caught off gaurd!

Caught off gaurd
Responding to the photos of her leaked Ibiza holiday with Ranbir, Katrina said to the media, "Next time please give me notice, I will wear matching clothes as red and white does not match at all, I know."
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Pure gold.

Pure gold
When she just said this:

"When I don't want to answer, I will 'ghumao' the question."

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