Bollywood is not a family. Everyone is an individual: Pankaj Tripathi

Pramod Gaikwad March 22, 2017, 08:26am
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Pankaj Tripathi, who is best known for his roles in Gangs Of Wasseypur 1 and 2, Agneepath and Fukrey, has come up with an interesting role in his upcoming film Anarkali of Aarah. He has teamed up once again with his Nil Battey Sannata co-star Swara Bhaskar and his good friend Sanjay Mishra in the film. During a candid conversation with, Tripathi talks about his role, tells us why Bollywood is not a family and message do Anarkali of Aarah wants to convey.

Your character in the film looks quite interesting. Tell us something more about it.

I am playing a dancer, an unsuccessful Anarkali, the owner of the group in which Anarkali dances, in the film. He has a musical party called Rangeela. It is quite an interesting role actually. For the first time, you will see me dancing on the big screen. This is something I haven't done before.

You are sharing space with your good friend Sanjay Mishra in the film. Since you share a great chemistry off-screen, how was it working in a film.

Sanjay Mishra and I are very good friends in real life. We both love cooking. When we were on the sets it seemed like we are here for cooking and not shooting for a film. He is like my Guru (teacher), my elder brother. We think, we act, in a similar way. Don't bind us, we can't deliver lines that a script writer writes for us. You just have to tell us what the scene is all about and how do you want to depict a particular scene and we will deliver our own lines in our own way. Its fun to be around him.

We talk about freedom of expression in the country. But after looking at what's happening around, for example, the recent attack on Bhansali and Padmavati sets, how it is revelant now.

See I will tell you. An actor's job is not only entertaining his audiences. Our job is to criticise the system which is not related to a specific political party or a group but the entire system. It is one of the pillars in our democracy. The sharpness of our cutting edge knife will become blunt, the day when we stop criticising the government.

But why can't the Bollywood industry come together and stand against the issues they are facing? Why remain silent?

The film industry is also an occupation, a business where people opt to remain silent in a fear that audiences might stop watching their films. They are not together. They can't be together. Film industry is not a family. They are all scattered. There are some people who support one part of the industry and there are some who support the other. When you wrap up, here we all are individuals. Nobody cares about anybody. You see us in parties or in front of the media talking good things about each other and sharing a good laughter is nothing but a good lie. I am all alone and we all are. And no sovereignty wants that a group or a community to unite with each other. If all actors come together, no ruler will be pleased to see that happen. So they keep trying out different things every now and then to keep them divided among themselves which will ultimately work in their own favour.

Where do you want to see yourself as an actor.

See, I don't have any PR. Because I know PR will make me sensational but it can't turn me into a memorial. Only my work is capable of doing this and that is what I do. I will be in your memory, I won't be there in any newspaper. Today I will be in new tomorrow there will be someone else and the day after will be another one. It is a never ending chain. But when I am in someone's memory, it leaves a permanent mark in your heart, soul and mind. It will never fade away. I want to reach to that point and not on any newspaper page.

There are times when actors face criticism. What do you have to say about that.

This is the age of social media, we make a lot of noise but for all the wrong reasons. Here every person is a film critic. He/she watches a film and immediately they are ready with their opinions. They say its bad, they give stars, I mean who asked you rate us. This is somebody else's work. People who study who know about films and filmmaking.

There are also times when actors are slammed for their controversial statements.

These people who criticise, who oppose or place their opinions forward, is totally different from the actual argument. People who oppose or criticise on social media won't come down to streets and have the same opinions. It is very easy for anyone to criticise or anything about anyone and get away with it. But you should also see the other side of the coin. If you are criticising Shah Rukh Khan, Ok, accepted, but you should also see what's on the other side to know the whole story. We leave the actual argument at the back of our minds and get involve in things that are irrelevant.

So what message Anarkali of Aarah will convey to its audiences since it has quite a bold subject.

Are women safe in our country. Can they walk alone freely when it gets dark in the evening. We are the only ones who are responsible for the unsafety of the ones who have brought us into this world. Today, they are living in fear. What kind of society we have created for ourselves. This is the only thing that Anarkali of Aarah talks about.

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