Kapil Sharma’s flight feud: A recap on all the things that happened after!

Varsha Balakrishnan March 23, 2017, 08:02am
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Kapil Sharma’s flight feud: A recap on all the things that happened after!

Kapil Sharmas flight feud A recap on all the things that happened after
It has been less than a fortnight since the cast and crew of Kapil Sharma show threatened to quit. Some things were said, some taken back which has made all the fans wonder what is going to happen to the show after all. Let’s take a quick recap of all the things that happened so far:
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Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover have a fight!

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover have a fight
It all started when the two comedians in focus, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover were on a flight. Apparently, a fight took place between the co-stars which aggravated the feud. There was a high pitched abusive match between the two!
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An ugly scene onboard?

An ugly scene onboard
Co-passengers on the flight reported that Kapil allegedly threw a bottle on Sunil Grover and hurled abuses at him. Ouch! We don’t know if Kapil Sharma was high or not but that’s not a pretty sight to imagine!
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Kapil clarifies!

Kapil clarifies
To lessen the burns and divert the attention from the feud, Kapil shared his version of what happened on the flight. He said, he was just having a normal ‘argument’ with his Paaji (brother) and media should not have a laughing break over the matter. But, Sunil Grover’s tale tells a different take!
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Kapil's apologises and Sunil advices?

Kapils apologises and Sunil advices
Following his clarification, Kapil went ahead and issued an apology to Sunil for ‘hurting him’ and hoped to clarify things in person, when they meet. To this, Sunil shared a note which was rather different. Excerpts from the note said “You (Kapil) should start to respect humans and refrain from expressing anger and abuse when someone corrects you. Don’t try to act like God”. He captained the note, ‘From a friend, with love’
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Sunil Grover 's exit from the show!

Sunil Grover s exit from the show
After the note surfaced, more reports surfaced that Sunil Grover wasn’t planning to return to the show. While some claimed that the fight had hurt him real bad and he wouldn’t ever think of returning, some said that Sunil wanted more money to appear on the show.
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Other stars follow Sunil?

Other stars follow Sunil
Following Sunil Grover’s rumored exit, another star threatened to quit. Reports emerged that an episode of the show, which was shot on Monday, did not see Ali Asgar, who plays Daadi and Chandan Prabhakar, who plays Raju on the show. Apparently, the two have boycotted the show as well in light of Kapil’s unruly conduct.
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What's going to happen to the show now?

Whats going to happen to the show now
While Sunil Grover hasn’t made a comment on the show’s future, gossip mills were abuzz with the rumor that Krushna Abhishek will be replacing Sunil on the show. There were reports that even Raju Srivastav was being scouted as a replacement. Interestingly, Krushna had a fight with Kapil some time back over show. How times change!
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Sidhu to stay on?

Sidhu to stay on
The two remain close to Kapil but we don’t know what is happening with their roles on the show. While there were reports earlier that Sidhu would continue on the show, newer reports claim that the commentator turned politician is quitting the show for politics.
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Changes on the show, so far.....

Changes on the show so far
However, this isn’t the first time the show has been in the news for its feuds. Some time before, the show was in the news with a rival channel claiming the rights to the show. Although, the makers are still tight lipped about the future and replacement, we don’t know if the show will be the same without the original crew.

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