Sonam Kapoor has had it with the PMS jokes, Men!

Varsha Balakrishnan March 10, 2017, 10:24am
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Sonam has had it with PMS jokes, Men!

Sonam has had it with PMS jokes Men
Sonam Kapoor has always been spicy and blunt in her talks. Be it her views on feminism, gender bias or the clichéd Bollywood storylines, she always has interesting tidbits to share. In a recent interview with DNA, Sonam was at her candid best when she talked about empowerment and the power of choice:
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A Women's day special!

A Womens day special
Sonam was the guest editor for the Woman’s Day edition of DNA. Now, that’s a role she fits amazingly into!
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On casual sexism

On casual sexism
In the many inputs that she gave, she had interesting views on the casual sexist jokes men pass on women. Sonam, in a rather hilarious take, told that it was men who felt PMS more than women. She said,
“They say, Oh she is PMSing. I feel men PMS more than women most of the time. I can’t even understand what they are going through most of the time.”
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Modern family equations?

Modern family equations
Sonam also talked on casual sexism existing throughout various levels in all kinds of jobs. Speaking about it, she says,
“Sexism is not just in the Indian film industry. It exists in the corporate jobs, media and households. My friend tells me his wife can’t handle money. Girls are bad drivers, they only like to shop. In my house, my dad likes to shop a lot and my mom handles the money.”
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It's all about choice!

Its all about choice
Sonam feels very high about having one’s own personal opinions and she believes in the philosophy of ‘Live and Let Live’. With the way society is gets judgmental about women, Sonam feels it is vital to carry on your thing. She said,
“Being in a burkha is as much as your choice as not wearing one. You want to go to the temple when you are menstruating, that’s your choice. If you don’t want to go in, that’s your choice.”
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Choice is empowering for Sonam

Choice is empowering for Sonam
“A lot of times, I have been judgmental about women who don’t do something, I believe in and called them old-fashioned. But we shouldn’t judge other people for being different. A person should be given a choice and that’s the most empowering thing.” Sonam says candidly.
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"Pregnancy is not an illness"

Pregnancy is not an illness
When Kareena was pregnant, she set a benchmark in the movie industry with her attitude towards working and professionalism, with media and fans applauding her for it. But Sonam begs to differ. She says, why refer to pregnancy as a career hiccup in the first place? Sonam spoke,
“Why do people feel that women can’t perform better during pregnancy? Pregnancy is not an illness”
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On being able to choose

On being able to choose
“I have the luxury of choice which many women don’t “. This gap is extremely sad for Sonam. She adds, “ I took a year and a half log break after Mausam because I felt like I didn’t get treated rightly. I put my foot down and decided that till the time I don’t get the respect she deserves, I won’t work”.

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