6 Signs You Are Eating Fruits the Wrong Way

Aug 21, 2023



If you find yourself meticulously peeling fruits like apples, pears, or cucumbers, you might be missing out on essential nutrients and fiber found in their skins. Opt for a good wash instead to enjoy the full benefits.

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Too Much Juicing

While fresh fruit juice can be healthy, excessive juicing can strip fruits of their fiber content and lead to a quick spike in sugar levels. Balance your fruit consumption by including whole fruits in your diet.

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Avoiding Seeds

Many fruits, like watermelon and kiwi, have edible seeds that are rich in nutrients. Discarding these seeds means you're missing out on added health benefits.

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Improper Storage

Storing fruits in the wrong way can lead to rapid spoilage and loss of nutrients. Be mindful of where and how you store your fruits to prolong their freshness and nutritional value.

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Ignoring Seasonality

Eating fruits out of season often means they have been transported long distances and may not be as fresh or nutritious. Try to choose locally grown, seasonal fruits for maximum freshness and flavor.

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Skipping Variety

Eating the same fruits every day can limit the range of nutrients you're getting. Rotate your fruit choices to ensure you benefit from a wider spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

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