Sep 7, 2023

10 Tips to Impress a Date Who's a Picky Eater


Ask About Their Preferences in Advance

Before the date, try to find out their dietary preferences and restrictions. Knowing their likes and dislikes will help you choose a restaurant or plan a menu that suits their taste.

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Choose a Versatile Restaurant

Opt for a restaurant with a diverse menu that offers a range of options, including vegetarian, vegan, and meat-based dishes. This way, your date is more likely to find something they enjoy.

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Be Open to Their Suggestions

If your date has a specific restaurant or type of cuisine in mind that they enjoy, be open to trying it, even if it's not your usual choice. Showing your willingness to accommodate their preferences is a thoughtful gesture.

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Share Small Plates

Sharing dishes allows both of you to try different items from the menu without committing to one large entree. It can also be a fun and intimate way to bond over food.

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Communicate with the Waitstaff

Let your server know about your date's dietary restrictions and preferences discreetly. They can offer suggestions or even make custom modifications to dishes to accommodate their needs.

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Offer Compliments

If your date is enjoying their meal, be sure to express your appreciation and compliments about their choices. Positive reinforcement can make the dining experience more enjoyable for them.

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Avoid Criticizing Their Choices

Refrain from making negative comments about their eating habits or choices. Instead, focus on enjoying your own meal and the conversation.

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Be Patient and Understanding

Picky eaters often have their reasons for their preferences, which can range from taste to allergies or dietary restrictions. Show empathy and patience if they have specific needs.

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Plan Activities Beyond Food

Plan additional activities for your date that don't revolve around dining. This can relieve the pressure of finding the perfect restaurant and create opportunities for meaningful connections.

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Offer Alternatives

If your date doesn't find anything appealing on the menu, have a backup plan, like suggesting another nearby restaurant or grabbing a light bite somewhere else after the meal.

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