10 Key Things to Know About Disease X - The Next Pandemic

Sep 26, 2023


What is Disease X?

Disease X refers to a hypothetical, unidentified disease that could potentially cause a future epidemic or pandemic.

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Origin of the term

The term 'Disease X' was coined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018 as a placeholder for any unknown pathogen that could emerge and pose a global health threat.

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Deadlier than COVID-19

Disease X is believed to be more hazardous and at least twenty times deadlier than the coronavirus.

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Global Impact

The outbreak of this disease is a probability and the world needs to prepare itself in advance if it is to survive.

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Potential Casualties

The disease can cause deaths of around 50 million people and more globally.

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Comparison with Spanish Flu

It could have the same devastating effects as the Spanish flu of 1918-19202.

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Virus Families

Scientists have been aware of 25 virus families, each of which has thousands of different viruses with the potential to cause a great pandemic.

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Reasons for Outbreaks

We will be experiencing more of these viral outbreaks in the coming years mainly because of three reasons- globalisation, overpopulation, and habitat destruction.

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In order to combat virus outbreaks that can lead to pandemics, we need to develop “a collection of different prototype vaccines for every threatening virus family that we know about.”

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Current Research

Scientists are studying different animal species and the viruses they might carry, trying to figure out which viruses could jump from animals to humans and cause major problems.

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