Yami Gautam predicts a bright future for women in film industry


Actress Yami Gautam asserts that embracing substantial characters is key to better roles for women in cinema, highlighting the importance of well-crafted writing and the positive impact on audiences and box office. She praises her … Read more

Yami Gautam, the talented actress who portrayed the character of lawyer Kamini Maheshwari in the recent Bollywood hit "OMG 2," believes that change in the roles written for women in films will occur when actors embrace substantial characters, regardless of the genre. She commended her female colleagues, both those who have paved the way and those she works alongside, for their outstanding contributions to the industry.

Gautam emphasized the importance of well-crafted roles for women, asserting that this transformation begins with the quality of the writing. According to her, the audience has always been receptive to films featuring strong female characters. However, she acknowledges that change takes time, emphasizing the need for awareness among actresses themselves to seek and demand pivotal roles in all types of films, whether they are commercial blockbusters, high-concept ventures, or films centered around women's stories. The key, she asserts, is that these roles must have substance.

She expressed her optimism that as more actresses take on substantial roles, writers will be inspired to create meatier and more diverse characters for women. Gautam firmly believes that quality films, regardless of their genre, will ultimately find acceptance among audiences, positively impacting the box office. She feels fortunate to be part of an era where such awareness exists and is delighted to see her contemporaries and senior actors doing exceptional work, recognizing that this is just the beginning of a transformative period for women in cinema.

"OMG 2," hailed as a spiritual sequel to the 2012 film "OMG - Oh My God!" delves into various issues related to teenagers and the importance of sex education. Starring alongside Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar, the film is directed by Amit Rai.

The movie, released on August 11, 2023, has emerged as both a commercial and critical success of the year, amassing Rs 101.61 crore at the national box office in just 10 days. It is earning praise for its adept handling of taboo subjects, such as sex education, while incorporating humor.

Gautam stressed that, in the grand scheme of things, what truly matters is the love and respect of the audience. She believes that fame and stardom are fleeting and temporary. Actors are privileged to receive immense love from people, and this connection with the audience is what truly counts. Regardless of their profession, people desire admiration, love, and respect from others, and actors are fortunate to receive it from those they may never meet in person.

The 34-year-old actress, married to director Aditya Dhar of "Uri: The Surgical Strike" fame, revealed that once the cameras stop rolling, she returns to her normal life. Her conversations revolve around everyday matters like dinner plans and grocery shopping, reminding us that, behind the glamour, actors are everyday individuals living ordinary lives.

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